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a visit from Stephen West…

me and stephen 2

While home on winter break from his studies in Amsterdam, Stephen stopped by the shop.  He was wearing one of his great designs, Clockwork.

He happened to have a supply of his latest pattern booklet, Westknits Book Two, so I was able to stock up.  Come by to get your signed copy.

happy valentine’s day…


cool new magazine…

We just received the new Knitting Traditions Magazine by Interweave.

There are some great articles with fascinating history lessons.  Learn about the oldest knitted stockings, the knitted carpet that dates back to the Roman Empire, and the bead-knitted bags from the Civil War era.

If you’re ready to add some projects to the queue, consider the Latvian, Norwegian, Lithuanian, and Estonian mittens and gloves.  They’re amazing.

knitting traditions

tea leaves cardigan and tiny tea leaves…

I’ve been knitting a Tea Leaves Cardigan off and on for awhile now.  If I could just stop myself from starting other new projects, it would be easy to finish.  It’s an enjoyable pattern, I love knitting with Madelinetosh DK, and I’m thrilled with the gorgeous color – ginger.

I’ve discovered some things about myself as a knitter.  I have a chronic case of startitis.  I love selecting the perfect color and texture for a pattern.  And I love casting on to begin something new.  As I get about 1/3 of the way into a project, I get excited about the next great thing to make and I abandon the last work in progress.  I’m sure others can relate to this, but I’ve got a real bad case of it.  I have dozens of projects in the works right now.

Anyway, here’s my almost finished Tea Leaves Cardigan (just in need of a garter bottom edge, completed sleeves, and button bands).

tea leaves in progresstea leaves in progress 2tea leaves in progress 3

And here’s a terrific Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan recently finished by Molly.  It’s on display at our shop, awaiting the time when her teeny weeny daughter can fit into it.tiny tea leaves

The shop occasionally hosts special events, book signings, trunk shows, and sales. Private events can also be arranged at the shop by request.

Perhaps you'd like to have a birthday party centered around a knitting lesson. Or a baby shower during which everyone learns to knit a square for a baby blanket. Or a corporate networking event that features knitting instruction. Or a book club that encourages participants to knit while discussing the book. Nina: a well-knit shop is available for these and other special events.

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