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Posted on: January 17th, 2019 by nina chicago

Hilary here! I’ve been trying something new this year that I wanted to share with you, hand knitting and crocheting with jumbo yarn. Last year we got in this fabulous BIG merino from Carnaby Yarn Co and I’ve finally gotten a chance to really play with it.

What I discovered is that it is best done completely by hand, without knitting needles or a crochet hook. Both hand-knitting and hand-crocheting are a lot of fun! There is something really freeing about connecting with the yarn more directly in this way, without any tools or a pattern.

For the knitting, you simply hand-pull the loops through and leave all the stitches live, working on a flat surface. I’ve been practicing here and if you look closely, you can see I have a few twisted stitches that need fixing.

Simply work across, back and forth, and it knits up in no time at all. I actually ended up ripping all of this out and starting over because I wanted a slightly denser gauge. Here’s my finished blanket!

My cat immediately had to explore, but after sinking into it like quicksand, she was no longer a fan.

Even faster is hand-crocheting. I actually enjoy this one even more, but due to the nature of crochet, the yarn doesn’t go quite as far and the same amount of yarn yields a smaller piece. But I love the simplicity of turning your lower arm into a crochet hook, using your hand to do the hooking.


I’m not sure if this crochet piece is a blanket or wall hanging, but I love it either way.

I also made this smaller piece, which is definitely going on a well somewhere. Here I was knitting again, patterning with knits and purls.

Pick up some of this jumbo yarn and give it a try! If you would like some guidance, sign up for one of our workshops. You can make a small wall hanging or an entire blanket, it’s up to you!

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