Nina Chicago Box of Cheer for your New Year 2022!

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EXTRA BOXES AVAILABLE! You can choose between a knit box and a crochet box, but the rest is up to us!

We began our Box of Cheer for the New Year in early 2021 to cheer everyone up after a crappy 2020. However, pandemic or not, it turns out a lot of us could use some cheer right after the holiday season regardless of what year it is!

Everyone loved our Box of Cheer so much, we've decided to make it an annual thing. We also planned further ahead this year so that we can make more boxes available. Each box will have a variety of gifts. They will have an assigned order, but you can choose to open one per day or stretch it out for as long as you feel you need. There are no other rules, you do you!

Each box will include:

• a pattern and yarn that won't be released to others until a later time (suitable for advanced beginner & intermediate makers), which will be in the style of a mystery k/cal you can do while opening the rest of the box

• some of our shop favorites for you to try out

• treats from some of our other favorite local businesses

• new products (and/or some things we don't normally carry) you'll get to see and try before everyone else!

That is all you get to know... you'll have to trust us! The foundation of the box will be yarn, of course, and there will be a pattern option for both knitters and crocheters.

Boxes will be available for pick-up/shipping mid-January, right as you start to settle back into your post-holiday lives.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of our Box of Cheer for your New Year will be donated to The Greater Chicago Food Depository. The more boxes we sell, the higher percentage of sales we can give. We pledge to donate as much as we can!

*Please note that our free shipping limit does not apply to our Box of Cheer. For those who need it shipped, we will send you a separate invoice for $10 flat rate shipping (within the continental United States) after you reserve your box. Loyalty points can be used to cover the shipping charge.

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