Katrinkles Valentines Day Cat Stitch Markers

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Katrinkles is an independent, female owned and operated business that provides high-quality tools made from locally-sourced materials. All products are made in house with care, in the USA, by a small and dedicated team.

These love cats are ready to help you get your snuggle on, for Valentine’s or any day. Available in an assortment of glittery and colorful acrylics, they’re purr-fect for adding a touch of fun and style to your knitting projects.

Available on 9.5mm diameter stainless steel rings. They are big enough to fit over size 11 needles but not so big that they are uncomfortable to use on smaller knitting.

Product Details:

• Material: Acrylic on stainless steel rings

• Approximate Size: 3/4” x 3/4” x 1/8”

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