handspun hope

Posted on: October 25th, 2018 by nina chicago

Just after bringing our beloved Manos yarns back into the shop, we got the chance to carry Handspun Hope as well! This incredible opportunity literally walked into our door on a Friday afternoon and we just feel so lucky! This organization was founded on an initiative to free people in Rwanda from poverty. By providing not only jobs, but also education and encouragement to women and their children, Handspun Hope has given a better future to so many people.

While we are lucky to work with this Fair-Trade-Certified organization for the above reasons alone, their yarns also happen to be incredible. This yarn is hand-washed, hand-spun, then organically-dyed using only plant materials. Check out these amazing photos that show the plant or vegetable dye used in each of these yarns:


Every purchase of this yarn helps Handspun Hope come closer to reaching their goal of full project sustainability and we are excited about to be a part of it! Click here to learn more about Handspun Hope and their mission.

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