Kraft Caddy

Brand: Cocoknits

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The washable kraft fabric is the perfect material - stiff enough to sit upright, but also washable. The Kraft Caddy was designed with as many pockets as possible - on the inside and the outside - you can never have too many!  The center is wide open for bigger items like knitting projects, lunch and a water bottle, a rolled-up sweater for travel - and the whole thing fits right down inside a tote.  Keep it on a shelf or desk as a storage bin without handles, or add the short, wide leather handles, sold separately, so you can grab it for travel.

• Made of sturdy washable paper

• Color: Olive or Gray 

• Measures 6” deep x 11.5” wide x 6.5” tall / 15cm deep x 29cm wide x 16.5cm tall

• 3 exterior pockets

• 9 interior pockets

• Washable

• Pre-punched holes for attaching handles (optional)