Della Q Maker's Roll Top

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We traded a zipper for a chic and snag-free roll top. This design gives you ample room for multiple projects, and the roll top is secured with a genuine leather strap. Crafted in waxed canvas, it has a cool, vintage feel that’ll never go out of style. The Roll Top has maker-specific features included such as a yarn feeder, yarn cutter, and emergency stitch markers.

16" w x 14" h (unrolled)/9.5" h x 3.5" deep (rolled)


• Designed for Makers - Sturdy Waxed Canvas and Leather Exterior

• Outfitted with antique bronze hardware

• Unique roll-down design secured with leather strap closure

• Adjustable strap and carrying handle

• Hidden zip pocket located on the back

• Four sturdy feet on the bottom to provide stability and protection

• Two exterior stitched pockets, two interior water bottle pockets, two interior water bottle pockets, and Interior needle/pen and phone pockets, yarn feeder, and yarn cutter

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