Merino Sock

Brand: Cabin Boy Knits

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Cabin Boy Knits creates naturally dyed yarns with a vision to bridge together the farmer, the spinner, the weaver, the knitter, the arty and the curious, while nurturing friendships along the way. They are committed to a choice of best practices for a sustainable environment and responsible production from beginning to end product: by first sourcing fibres locally, nationally and sometimes globally from sheep-friendly farms & eco-friendly mills, by foraging dye plants and botanicals in the backyard woods or gardens, perhaps at farmers markets and also organic natural dye matter from afar, by using at times rainwater and snow and natural sunlight, recycled materials and tools, all with the goal of a limited footprint on the world.

Merino has always been prized for its fine wool. The fibre is shorter and finely crimped. Its best quality is the pure softness and with a natural elasticity that keeps the garment in original shape. Highly breathable and durable, it also keeps you cool in Summer and very warm in Winter. The micron count is between 19-21.5. It is the oldest breed in the world, established in Spain in the 12th century when nomadic Berber tribes brought the sheep over from North Africa. The exporting of sheep was banned until 1786. It then became the predominant wool producing breed in the world.


Weight: fingering/light sport
Content: 85% merino & 15% nylon
Length: 437 yards (100 grams)
Care: hand wash, dry flat
Gauge: 28 - 36 sts = 4 inches
Recommended needle size: US 1 - 3
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