Mindful Collection Fixed Circular

Brand: Knitters Pride

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Crafted of superior grade stainless steel, each pair of finely tipped fixed circular needles carries an inspirational word to aid the knitter in mindful concentration. These needles are perfect for lace projects or any project that benefits from a nice glide and sharp needle tip.

Mindfulness is the non-judgemental awareness of our mind, our body and our world - in the moment. The Mindful Collection comes branded in the calming color of teal.

It means we let go of the past and not race ahead into the future. It enables us to look, kindly and with acceptance, at the present.

It gives us the gift of quiet time.

Knitter's Pride is proud of their commitment to the health of the planet. When it came to designing the packaging of the Mindful Collection, they took care to use biodegradable materials and inks.