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Merchant & Mills

Alaskan Snow Indian Cotton Ikat

Alaskan Snow Indian Cotton Ikat

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All fabric is priced and sold by the quarter yard. Order 4 for a full yard. All cut fabric is final sale.

Ideal for summer garments, this Alaskan Snow Indian Cotton Ikat boasts a classic black and white weave, perfect for breezy tops, dresses, and loose-fitting trousers. Ikat utilizes a unique resist dyeing technique where threads are pre-dyed before weaving, creating intricate designs by "resisting" dye in certain areas based on a binding pattern. The complexity of the final pattern depends on the level of binding during the process. Minor irregularities in weaving and printing may occur due to the traditional nature of these Indian textiles, adding to their charm without being considered flaws.

Brand: Merchant & Mills
Fiber Content: 100% Organic Cotton
Width: 44"
Fabric Type: Ikat
Care: For the first couple of washes, place the fabric in the washing machine drum at 85F or 105F degrees with a handful of table salt. This will help fix the dye to prevent it running.

Please note that while all photos have been taken to best display the accuracy of color, different devices may show the color slightly differently.

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