our brick and mortar story


Nina, the yarn shop, opened in 2004 in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Nina, the original owner, had a vision of an inviting and contemporary space and she filled it with beautiful textures, colors and lots of inspiration. After nearly 13 years, the shop transitioned into the hands of Hilary, a long-time employee and lover of all things crafty. In July of 2019, Hilary relocated the shop to a new space in Noble Square. She now continues Nina’s mission of inspiring creativity in others beyond knitting, with the help of an amazing staff!



who are we?

Most of us were loyal customers of the original Nina! We are co-workers and friends, all very fortunate that we have gotten to take a place we have always loved and make it our own.





Hilary learned how to knit almost accidentally. Immediately obsessed, she learned crocheting as well and tried every new yarn she could get her hands on, before starting to work at Nina in 2009. Hilary realized she was in her element helping other knitters/crocheters with their yarn choices and teaching them new skills. This year, she finally committed to learning how to sew. She makes as much time for all the crafting as possible while also running the shop, and despite her busy schedule, she wouldn’t have it any other way.





After years of teaching for a living and crafting for fun, Jennifer decided to join us and turn her hobbies into something more. She has years of knitting and sewing experience, and is very skilled with embroidery, cross stitch, and other forms of needlework. You'll see here here mostly during the week, always with a smile on her face!




assistant manager

Chel joined our team fresh out of college, but she is no novice at stitching. This seasoned knitter also has amazing crochet skills, including experience in Tunisian Crochet. This self-proclaimed “nerd” may seem quiet at first, but don’t let her fool you!




On her birthday, during the very same month that she retired from owning a business, Shari came in to the shop inquiring about a lesson to refresh her knitting skills which had lay dormant for a good twenty-five years. Less than three years later, she enthusiastically agreed to come work with us.  She enjoys helping customers with their yarn purchases, winding yarn, and anything else that doesn’t require being in charge!




Omoleye might possibly have the most hobbies of all of us! In addition to knitting, sewing, and quilting, she spins, generally loves fiber and textile art, and is also very into nature/gardening/animals/birding. You'll find her in the shop sharing her expertise and helping customers for now, but we fully expect that someday she will probably own a sheep or alpaca farm somewhere.


Victoria comes to us from California where she worked as a pediatric ER nurse. She's always been a knitter and general crafter, but a cross-country move had her make the transition from hobby serial knitter to professional serial knitter. Victoria loves to connect with people through crafts and to lend her eye picking yarn when needed.