Respect the Spindle


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The hand spindle has been enjoying resurgence in popularity thanks to the current trend of DIY crafts, and remains one of the most productive, versatile, and convenient tools for creating stunning fiber arts from home, as this beautifully illustrated guide from a veteran spinner and spindle aficionado demonstrates.

This essential manual uses step-by-step instructions to detail the basic steps of spinning, and then advances to the more complicated spinning wheel. It shows how to use the spindle to make specific types of yarn, explains traditional spindle spinning techniques, and details five simple projects designed to instill confidence in creating a variety of yarns with this simple tool.

Combining fascinating historical narratives, traditions, and cultures from around the globe with vivid photography, this all-encompassing tour of the spindle also boasts easy-to-follow, contemporary techniques and styles that affirm the tool's enduring legacy.   

softcover, 135 pages